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Modern Oddity

what makes you think I’m enjoying being led to the flood?

That way madness lies...

» about this journal
Female, bipolar and pansexual. Kind of shy but a very friendly person. An aspiring editorial jouranlist.

In addition to writing I do a lot of graphic work. I have two creative journals. The first is a Sci-fi/BSG graphics/fanmix/icon journal I run alone, lurid_persona The second is
strickly an icon journal ,cigarsgalore, which I co-run with two of my lj friends(It also contains some of my earlier BSG work). Do be aware that the latter isn't updated often much anymore(Sci-fi having eaten my brain)Oh and if you ever see an icon in my userpics but can't find on the comm, it probably hasn't been posted yet, so feel free to poke around my scrapbook.

Still this journal houses my writing which includes editorials, fan fiction, as well as graphics. Most of my fanfics contain male slash and gen but I've recently branched out to femme slash and some het. I do like to explore new genres and subjects so anything's possible. I love Felix Gaeta, Kara Thrace, Amanda Graystone, Number Six,and Boomer so they are the main players in most of my writing. I'm fond of many others but those are my favorites(Felix and Amanda especially).

Try not to trip over all the porn ;)

My Fandoms are: Battlestar Galactica, Caprica,and Game of Thrones and I mainly write for BSG, with a few Caprica's here and there. I'm pretty much a multi shipper.

» friending policy
F-locked for privacy reasons. Fanfic, artwork, flailing is always public except for the gift art/fic I do for my friends on occasion as I'd like to keep that slightly more personal feel. But I'm easy, add me and I'm likely to add you back. I'm a pretty friendly person by nature and I love meeting new people. But, hey we should at least have one thing in common don't you think? Beware of my tendencies to make first conversations a wee bit awkward. :) font>
» fandoms
Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, and Game of Thrones universe are my fandoms of choice. I mainly write slash or gen, with some femmeslash and het.
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